schoolmainSchool Workshops give your children a chance to learn some of the Awabakal Language, the traditional Aboriginal language of the Lake Macquarie, Newcastle and Hunter Valley landscapes.

The children thoroughly enjoy the interactive lessons and pick up on the language very quickly.

The aim of the lessons are for the children and youth of today to start to speak a language that has not been spoken for a very long time, once the children know this they get very excited and want to jump in and have a go.

School workshops can be delivered to the whole school, a year, class or a small group of children depending on the needs and aims of your school.

Jacqui Allen, our language worker, delivers the workshops using a range of resources including flashcards, posters, stories, songs, colouring in stencils and activities.

Children learn more efficiently through pictures and sound, so for that reason our workshops are taught using pictures and spoken language only; no written language is used until the end of each visit. Below are some samples of the types of resources Jacqui uses in her workshops.

Jacqui has conducted workshops at the following schools: 

  • Maryland Public School
  • New Lambton South Public School
  • Newcastle High School
  • Rathmines Public School
  • Garden Suburbs Public School
  • Awabakal Pre School
  • Hunter School of Arts

In a Learning Awabakal workshop the children will:

  • learn native animals in Awabakal Language
  • learn body parts in Awabakal Language
  • learn Awabakal placenames and landmarks
  • be taught dreaming stories of the Awabakal land
  • learn Respect for our language, Land and Elders
  • sing songs in Awabakal Language (depending of the age and time spent with the group includes the Australian National Anthem in Awabakal Language)
  • play Awabakal Language games
  • complete fun Awabakal Language activities
  • be told Awabakal story books

Click here to view a sample of our 6 week lesson overview - PDF 97Kb

Click here to start learning some Awabakal language online