Training on new Indigenous Language Program

Torres News Online, Sunday 2nd May 2010

Members of the Language and Culture team at Tagai State College have recently completed some training with the Miromaa Aboriginal Technology Centre.


Miromaa trainer Jedda Priman spent two days on Thursday Island and demonstrated the easy-to-use software program that is created for Indigenous People: digitising traditional languages and creating language tools.

She said: "Arwarbukarl CRA Inc, a non-profit Language Centre based in Newcastle has been developing, improving and disseminating Miromaa over the past five years and it's currently supporting more than 50 languages/dialects across Australia.

"With analytical features, wordlist construction, learning areas and import/export capabilities, it can be a very powerful tool to compliment your work and assist in taking advantage of the latest technologies available."

Training was held at the Office of the Language and Culture Team at the Tagai State College  Thursday Island Primary Campus.

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