Here you will find our library of manuals and videos to help you with learning Miromaa plus more.

We have broken them up in to sections to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for.

All manuals are downloadble and the videos are linked to our youtube channel.


Guides to Using Miromaa





1 Obtaining Miromaa pdfPDF    
2 Downloading and Installing Miromaa pdfPDF    
3 File Management pdfPDF    
   - Setting up your Miromaa folder structure    Video  3m15sec
4 Creating Your First Language File pdfPDF     
   - Creating your database    Video  4m08sec
   - Miromaa folder structure      
   - Logging into Miromaa for the first time      
5 Backing Up pdfPDF     
   - Backing up your work      
   - How to backup      
   - Where to keep your backups      
6 Community Protocols pdfPDF     
   - Seperation of languages and dialects      
   - Creating dialects within a language database      
   - Assigning permission to users      
   - Creating a new language database      
   - Swapping between languages on different databases      
7 Creating Usernames and Passwords pdfPDF    
   - Setting up your username and password      
   - User groups      
8 Main Menu Tour pdfPDF     
9 Navigating Through Miromaa pdfPDF    
   - Menu Bar      
   - Navigation Panel      
   - Search and Admin Panel      
   - Info Box      
   - Go To feature      
   - Notepad      
10 Help Menu  pdfPDF    
   - Checking for Updates      
   - Link to Learning Room      
   - Support      
11 Editor Tour Coming    
   - Key Information Panel      
   - Library Panel      
   - Notes Panel      
   - Reference Panel      
   - Custom Fields Panel      
   - Multimedia      
12 Entering Words into the Editor pdfPDF    
   - Summary of the features of the Editor      
   - Entering language via the Editor for the first time      
13 Key Information pdfPDF     
   - Entering Words      
   - Entering Original Recorded Spelling      
   - Entering Original Recorded Translation      
   - Entering Sentences      
   - Entering Short Text      
14 Your Miromaa Library and Library Panel pdfPDF     
   - Accessing your library      
   - Adding language sources to your library to create library items      
   - Atrributing entries to their item      
15 Controls      
   - Access, Visibility, Era, Locked, Archived, Main pdfPDF     
   - How to enter each of these controls      
   - What are these controls used for      
16 Notes, Reference and Custom Fields pdfPDF    
   - Notes: Extra Information, Knowledge and Linguistic Comments      
   - Reference: Word Category and Part of Speech      
   - Custom Fields      
17 Multimedia pdfPDF    
   - Images      
   - Audio      
   - Video      
   - Activities      
18 Working With Audacity pdfPDF     
   - Recording with Audacity      
   - Editing Sound      
   - Exporting from Audacity      
   - Importing your audio into Miromaa      
19 Customising Miromaa  pdfPDF    
   - Custom Fields      
   - Field Labels      
   - Word Categories      
   - Parts of speech      
   - Eras      
   - Special Characters      
   - Skin      
   - About your language page      
20 Creating Dictionaries with the Miromaa Community Dictionary Maker pdfPDF    
   - Presets, layout and format      
   - Updating Miromaa before you start      
   - Make your first dictionary in 10 easy steps   Video 6m16sec
   - Look at your first dcitionary      
   - Advanced features      
21 Creating Wordlists  pdfPDF    
   - The Word List screen      
   - The different types of word lists      
   - Controlling which words appear in a word list      
   - How to export a word list      
22 Updating Miromaa  pdfPDF    


 Previous Video Library (pre 2016)

0.1 Introduction to Miromaa View Video  15m06sec
1.1 Installing Miromaa View Video  
1.2 Creating your first language file    
 1.2a    File Management - preparation View Video 3m15sec
1.2b    Create your first language database View Video 4m08sec
1.2c    Create multiple language files View Video 7m07sec
1.3 Entering your first word via Entry screen View Video 4m18sec
1.4 Entering your first word via Editor screen View Video 5m26sec
Section 2 MANAGE MIROMAA    
2.1 Word Categories View Video 2m55sec
2.2 Parts of Speech View Video 3m31sec
2.3 Sources View Video 4m49sec
2.4 Era View Video 2m41sec
2.5 Keyboard View Video 5m37sec
2.6 Custom Fields View Video 4m25sec
2.7 Languages - Managing your language View Video  
2.8 Security - Change Password View Video 2m35sec
2.9 Security - Users View Video 5m32sec
2.10 Security - User Groups View Video 5m26sec
3.1 Multimedia Location View Video 2m31sec
3.2 Language - make another DAT file View Video  
3.3 Updates View Video  
3.4 Change Log View Video 1m47sec
Section 4 HELP MENU    
4.1 Updating Miromaa View Video 2m10sec
4.2 Getting help from us View Video 4m19sec
Section 5 USING MIROMAA    
5.1 Entry view - why use it View Video  
5.2 Entry view - how to use it View Video 4m12sec
5.3 Editor view - why use it View Video 5m29sec
5.4 Editor view - how to use it View Video 7m04sec
5.5 Linguist view - why use it View Video 1m40sec
5.6 Linguist view - how to use it View Video 2m39sec
5.7 Archive view - why use it View Video 2m36sec
5.8 Archive view - how to use it View Video 4m32sec
5.9 Attaching Multimedia View Video 5m34sec
Section 6 LEARNER    
6.1 Learner view - why use it View Video 2m35sec
6.2 Learner view - how to use it View Video 5m27sec
Section 7 TOOLS    
7.1 Creating word lists View Video
7.2 Exporting your language View Video 3m31sec
7.3 To Do View Video 3m52sec
7.4 Multimedia View Video  
7.5 Options View Video  
  With Miromaa    
8.1 Miromaa Community Dictionary Maker pdfPDF 3.63 MB
    View Video 6m16sec
  With Lexique Pro    
8.2 Part 1 - Overview View Video
8.3 Part 2 - Miromaa and making a dictionary with LP View Video  
8.4 Part 3 - Lexique Pro and making a LP dictionary View Video 2m32sec
8.5 Part 4 - Exporting data from Miromaa View Video 6m13sec
8.6 Part 5 - About the text file export View Video 1m52sec
8.7 Part 6 - Importing into Lexique Pro View Video 3m22sec
8.8 Part 7 - Making your first Dictionary with LP View Video 4m26sec
8.9 Part 8 - Lexique Pro tips View Video 7m24sec
8.10 Part 9 - Miromaa Tips View Video 4m13sec
8.11 Part 10 - MS Word Tips View Video 3m38sec