What is Photo Story 3?

Photo Story 3 is free downloadable program from Microsoft and we think it is a really great, fun, easy to use program.

The program adds motion to static slide shows, you can completely control how the motion works and you also can then overlay your own narrated soundtrack or background music.

It can assist you in creating simple, quick language teaching resources.

Download Photo Story 3

Download Microsoft Photo Story 3

You may need to upgrade your Windows Media Player to version 10 at least


We have found some great tutorials which you can use to learn how to make your own Photo Stories, so please follow these links:

  1. Education Queensland has a great website called "Interactive Learning in the early phase"
    Download PDF of Photo Story Tutorial from Education QLD

  2. Jakes Online has Online Video tutorials where you can watch and hear how to use Photo Story.
    Download PDF of Photo Story Tutorial from Jakes Online