Teach Yourself Awabakal

Teach Yourself Awabakal

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Nupaleyalaan Palii Awabakalkoba. This volume is an introductory work designed more to give you a "taste" for the language, than to bring you up to any kind of "testable" standard.

Nonetheless, the two lessons set out in this booklet provide valuable information and instruction in the particular parts of Awabakal speech covered, and does so at a level that presumes no previous experience with learning a language other than English or familiarity with grammatical terminology.

That is to say, we have dispensed with almost all technical terms, preferring instead to use labels in plain English that describe the part of speech being talked about.

The interpretation of the grammar of the Awabakal language presented here derives from more than four years of research which resulted in the production of a formal Grammar (A Grammar for the Awabakal Language) published in 2008.

NOTE: Printed copies no longer available for purchase.



  • Author: terri-lee
  • Publisher: Miromaa ALTC
  • ISBN-13: 978 0 9804680 2 1
  • Pages: 44 pages

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