Awabakal Literacy & Numeracy Flash Cards

Awabakal Literacy & Numeracy Flash Cards

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This set of 25 Literacy & Numeracy Flashcards is a great way for people of all ages to begin to learn the different names of the Awabakal Alphabet, Numbers & Colours in Awabakal Language. Flashcards are used to stimulate the memory by repetition which is a very effective way of learning.

Each card features a picture on the front and easy to understand translations on the back. These flash cards can be used in the classroom or for personal study.

Many games can be played in the classroom using flash cards. E.g. Alphabet Soup: get the students to sit in a circle on the floor and place a bowl of letters (remember to only use letters from the Awabakal Alphabet - the Awabakal Alphabet Poster may be purchased from this site) in the middle of the circle. Lay the flash cards out on the floor. Each student will pick a letter from the bowl and then find flash cards that start with that letter.

Other language resources may be purchased to accompany the Numeracy & Literacy Flashcards. These include a set of 16 Snap/Memory Game Cards, an Awabakal Alphabet A3 Poster, an Awabakal Colours Poster and also an Awabakal Counting A3 Poster.

NOTE: Printed cards no longer available for purchase.




  • Size: A3 to trim down to A5 - 148mm x 210mm

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